Trivia. I only found out when one of my (many) credit cards was refused. Then a debt collection agency letter arrived. Finally, some landlord of office space told me I was 9 months in arrears and I had two days to remove my stuff.

Of course, I went round there. Not enough room to swing a cat DOT com would have been a good name for them. However, when I was given the key by a guard who joked as if he knew me, and "at least this time you're wearing clothes." I entered the storage room (closet?) to find a hand written note and a metal box. The note read "Turn me on. Get inside. And close the lid. Oh, and sorry for the debts. Time travel is expensive to invent."

Well, that explains all the parking tickets I thought. I just hoped he (me? I?) knew what I was (would be?) doing.

Closing the lid it never occurred to me if I would be going back or forward. Outside I could hear me (?) returning the key.


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DoctorMikeReddy about 6 years ago

You should really read the pre|se quel next|first:

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