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A Holiday Swim

by DARKFOX_Jefferson 10 months ago

While me and my friend were packing, I thought of what we will do during the holiday we have away from school or stress for that matter. I walked up to him with my luggage and grabbed his luggage. I rolled them all the way to the car. He soon joined me in getting everything else in the car. We started to drive soon and soon enough,...   Read more


by DARKFOX_Jefferson 10 months ago

As I walked around town with my boyfriend, I noticed a pound. I walked up to it, looking into through the glass. I noticed a puppy looking very sad. I walked into the pound with my boyfriend yelling my name while trailing behind me. I walked up to the puppy, not bothered by anyone trying to greet me. I picked up the puppy and the puppy...   Read more


by DARKFOX_Jefferson 10 months ago

I woke up in the middle of the night to be covered in sweat. I sat up and looked around my room to find nothing. I slouched back down and began to think of what I had just witnessed. I sat back up and looked around my room again. I got up and walked into the kitchen to grab a cup of water. I filled the water to the to of the glass and...   Read more

No Photo

by DARKFOX_Jefferson 10 months ago

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The Gay Hero

by DARKFOX_Jefferson 10 months ago

As Thomas was smoking in an alleyway, he heard a scream. He walked out of the alleyway slowly, being observant of his surroundings. He then heard the scream again, he followed the sound of the scream until he heard it grow louder. Thomas took out his umbrella as a weapon, he looked into the alleyway and saw nothing. He looked behind...   Read more

The Friends' Feeling

by DARKFOX_Jefferson 10 months ago

While walking in the city, the 2 friends asked each other where they should go for dinner. They decide to go to a fancy restaurant and order some steaks. They ordered it with gravy and some mashed potato. The boys mind was running wild. He was thinking of how his friend looked very pretty and how good they would look together,...   Read more

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