As I walked around town with my boyfriend, I noticed a pound. I walked up to it, looking into through the glass. I noticed a puppy looking very sad. I walked into the pound with my boyfriend yelling my name while trailing behind me. I walked up to the puppy, not bothered by anyone trying to greet me. I picked up the puppy and the puppy licked my face. I giggled as I looked at my boyfriend who was looking at me in awe. I looked at the puppy again and noticed it's tag. It showed the price of the dog. I made my boyfriend check his money and tell me how much he had. He had 1 dollar less than we needed. I handed the puppy to my boyfriend and checked my purse for money. I found 1 dollar. We had enough! I walked to the cashier and asked for the puppy. I handed the money tpt he cashier and they handed me a puppy pack containing what is necessary for a puppy to survive with us. I took the puppy when my boyfriend took a collar and a leash from the puppy pack. He put the collar on the puppy and then put the leash on. I put the puppy down and asked my boyfriend for a name. He said ' Scruffy'. Perfect.

Welcome to the family Scruffy.


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