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I am a high school English teacher. I also am a lecturer at a college.

I love to write.


Mother sheep

by JamieLauraChilds almost 9 years ago

"The sheep were at pasture," Daniel typed into his screen. Monica slinked up behind him, read the screen and mocked, "Wow Dan, that sounds like the beginning to a dirty joke, not a children's story."

"Thanks for the encouragement. Hey, I thought you were on your way to get your nails done?"

"I'm getting ready to go, I got...   Read more

The Last Thriller

by JamieLauraChilds about 9 years ago

Jason Adams was writing his last thriller. He wasn't concerned that it would be his last novel, in fact, it was as if all of his previous work had led him to this moment. This novel would be as close to real life as he could get.

Mark woke up, and in an instant he realized he was not in his bed. It was dark and damp, and he...   Read more


by JamieLauraChilds about 9 years ago

The teacher looked at her students and said, "You will not make it."

"You will not be the next R&B star, a famous football or basketball player. You will not become the next Snookie or The Situation. You will not be discovered as a famous model/artist/musician/actress/fill in the blank after a year of struggle in New York City, where you...   Read more


by JamieLauraChilds about 9 years ago

Drip. Drip. Drip. The blood plopped to the concrete floor like a leaky faucet. He contemplated about the throbbing pain he felt with every plop.

He enjoyed that feeling. Concentrating so much on one pain over and over again. The first time he asked his boyfriend to blindfold him and punch in him the face - his boyfriend thought he was...   Read more

Snitches Die Heroically, the Rest Burn in Hell

by JamieLauraChilds about 9 years ago

Snitches Die Heroically, the Rest Burn in Hell

October 2002. As the flames ripped apart the body of a five year old girl, burning her skin into a mass of molten cellular plastic, boiling the red and white blood cells that traversed her barely formed veins, charring her fragile, yet to be developed...   Read more


by JamieLauraChilds about 9 years ago


"That's right men, put up the flag. We are no longer the lone-star state, but the lone-star ship!" Captain Johnson bellowed in a frenzy.

The ship's red phone began to ring.

"No. No, we are not coming back from this tour - You can call us Pirates if you want to. No. We will not come back, we are tired of this war. We are...   Read more

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