Jason Adams was writing his last thriller. He wasn't concerned that it would be his last novel, in fact, it was as if all of his previous work had led him to this moment. This novel would be as close to real life as he could get.

Mark woke up, and in an instant he realized he was not in his bed. It was dark and damp, and he smelled blood. Just when he was about to stand up he heard the whimpering of a woman.

"Hello? Hello? Anyone, please help me. Where am I? Please, help me. Please" Janet cried in between trying to catch her breath. Where was she? Why was this happening to her? All she remembered from the night before was getting her bed. Janet stood up and took a cautious step forward. She took another step and hit something solid.

"Umph." Michael felt a burning in his side. "What the fuck! Where am I, get the fuck off of me!" He shot up instantly and went swinging whacking Janet in the stomach.

"Hello, I am Mark! Don't hurt me, I am here with you all as well. Does anyone know why we are here?"

Jason Adams watched his subjects from his security cameras in his room. He zoomed in on Mark's face and typed on his computer "The Leader." Zoomed out and focused back in on Michael's face and typed: "The Conflict." Finally, he switched to the screen where Janet was cuddled in a corner shaking, he paused for a moment and put a question mark by her name. He was very excited for how this story would pan out. He wondered when they would figure out his game.


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JamieLauraChilds (joined about 12 years ago)

I am a high school English teacher. I also am a lecturer at a college.

I love to write.

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