In the beginning, there were no gods.

A human boy named Micah, not yet a man, was the first to make the discovery that if the Earth existed, then there must be a heaven; a divine source, a metaphysical origin of the crude, material plane that we inhabit. And so, partly by accident, and partly by perseverance, he discovered the doorway to heaven.

He went through it without a second thought. His other human peers had always mocked him for being too short, too weak, too strange. His family ignored him. He had the time to uncover the doorway because he had no one to spend any time with.

Once there, he fashioned a throne and took the office of God. Then came the power; drunk with it, he began to torment the species to which he once belonged, by giving them unjust and cruel laws, smiting them, creating awesome structures and miracles to awe them into submission.

But then one day he saw, from on high, something very distressing.

Through the faculties of reason, a group of humans had come to the same conclusion that he had, and had found the doorway themselves. Frantically, Micah killed them and burned the doorway down. But there were other doorways, too. And he couldn't close them all.

So he resolved to never show his power again, to make everyone think that there was no God.


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