Every day, the old man walked his old dog in the park. A chain fence separated the park from the road. Also, every day, a squirrel would come down out of a nearby tree, and run along the top of the fence. He came for the dog. Chattering, squeaking, he ran back and forth, incensing the dog. This drove the old mutt absolutely batshit. They had a conversation:

chatter chatter chatter


chatter chatter


every day it was like this. The squirrel was doing it to torture the dog, you see. As the years went on, the dog, older and deafer and with a limp, would run back and forth, slobber flying from its jowls, delirious with rage.

One day, the old squirrel, streaks of gray in his tail, was perched on the fence awaiting his old nemesis the dog. But this day was different. The old man looked at his old friend, and asked "ready?" Then he heaved the dog over the fence and the dog landed with his legs splayed. The squirrel, startled, leapt from the fence and ran into the street. The dog gave chase, barking, snarling, with a big silly grin on his face. I was watching them that day, and he'd never been happier. It's best the truck hit him right then.


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