A skip.

by aDudeNamedJay almost 7 years ago

"I think there's a problem with the design!" Clair blurted. The table of nerdy glasses and hazy schematics looked up one by one.
Burt suddenly took her by the arm, turning her slightly but firmly. "We're hours away from the prototype run and you think there's something we haven't considered?"
"It's the idea in general. If the particle resonance is what we think it is then why are we trying to counter the harmonics? I mean--what could that do to the very fabric--"

Burt collapses to a singularity point, everything in the room suddenly expanding at the edges and warping towards the middle. It all folds inwardly, every shred of light and material is slowly pulled and stretched to the point she could not longer look away from. She waited, this had happened to her more than a hundred times already.

Everything continues bending and with a flicker suddenly bursts back into being. She is sitting at the table, and she's pissed.

She looks over the equations again, they've been bothering her for awhile. It's not the math, it's the indication of what they've proven. The machine will test their theories, but that's just it--nobody's thinking about what their theories might prove...


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