"Hello" Beth said.
"Howdy!" Jacob beamed.
That was it. The same greeting they swapped every afternoon as he strolled into the building. Beth gazed at him from the reception desk as he strolled past, holding her eyes steady with the cockiest of smirks.
He knew she wanted him. She want him like they all did, only she was cute enough to maybe consider. She had that dirty-librarian look about her.
Beth watched the man continue through the lobby, leering at her. She smiled her best at him, but really saw her knife plunging into his mouth and out the back of his head. She would do it too--she will do it. He was the same as Him. Hell, even looked the same. She swore if it wasn't for that stupid leer of his giving away that he'd never met her, he would have to have been Him. Him, the one who taught her everything she would ever need to know about life and men all those years ago.
Jacob winks at her. Damn, she really looks like she'd get into the kinky stuff, the kind of things you only hear about in porns as related by the guys while tearing apart the pumps to do maintenance. They watch some nasty stuff. She's grinning even wider at him--yup; she's into it! He starts to say something but he's already through the lobby.
Maybe he'll hit her up for her number tomorrow, he's such a chicken...


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Anglea almost 12 years ago

Misunderstandings often happen if you follow the wrong clues, I liked this idea for a story

aDudeNamedJay (joined almost 12 years ago)

Just a dude, a dude named Jay. Family man, white collar stiff, love-maker to the stars with my mind waves...

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