Phons and Ramon had worked this beat for awhile, all of Phons' three years on the force. Today was as beautiful as the tourists bobbing around the stores. The two strolled the sidewalk enjoying their usual eye-candy.

Ramon spots a nice blonde, and turns to point it out to Phons, but he's looking at something in the sky. Glancing back to the blonde he notices she too is looking up. He glances up and immediately gets a face-full of glare, quickly wrenching away and furiously blinking. He smacks Phons on the belly for a moment, "Hey..."

Phons doesn't budge. Ramon notices the world has gone silent, eerily quiet. The engines of three cars hum in the intersection next to them. Their drivers are out of the vehicles and staring at the sky. Literally, the silence is deafening to him. Everybody is LOOKING UP!!

Ramon blocks the sun with his hand and peers skyward. His hand drops, as he doesn't need to blot out the sun. Something is coming out of the sun--no! That's not right. Ramon's head spins. There is something covering the sun, blocking it out, it's growing, no--expanding. It's biological. It's coming fast. Dear God--something is spreading out of it, stretching around the curvature of the horizon, and it's ALL COMING SO FAS


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Anglea about 11 years ago

I liked what you did with the visual prompt

aDudeNamedJay (joined about 11 years ago)

Just a dude, a dude named Jay. Family man, white collar stiff, love-maker to the stars with my mind waves...

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