package deal

by bespectakate over 8 years ago

"Travel light, but take everything with you."

It took her a moment to try and work out whether it was meant as a philosphical proposition or actually practical advice. Not that it felt paticularly practical.

Still. One easy solution. "What are you on about now?"

Effective, too. "Everything you need. I don't want to have...   Read more

the Paternal Sequence

by feedmemusical about 8 years ago

Misaki was never a big drinker. Her mother knew this, her father suspected it, and her friends weren't either, so they knew as well. But when Misaki took a sip of Erika's white wine, so cold and crisp and clean on that sticky summer day, something inside of her seemed to clamor for more. Before she knew it she was on her...   Read more

When I Was Ten

by James Vernon about 8 years ago

"Surprise!" The lights flickered on, and the balloons flew up to the ceiling. I jumped back, startled. A surprise birthday party! My grin reached both my ears.

"Oh boy! Thanks, guys!" I ran up and hugged my dad.

"That's alright, my boy. Look, there's your presents! Go open them, kid." I disengaged and rushed over to the pile...   Read more

Cat got snack

by Kaltz almost 8 years ago

There was blood on my pillow. Along with a few small feathers. And upon closer inspection, there was also a long white whisker, and what I could only guess was a foot. I could be absolutely certain by just picking it up, but getting home from work ready to crash from a nap that was now being delayed did not lend itself to doing...   Read more

Unknowingly Mundane

by WeWantTables over 7 years ago

"If life were only that easy."
The boy stood up and began his usual every day routine. He reached for his old and torn up sweat pants and applied them to his lower body with ease. He then walked over to his closet and yanked out the first t-shirt that he felt, moving it towards his face.
"It smells, but eh, it is...   Read more

Price of Admission

by Kaltz about 7 years ago

Leaving was the easiest decision to make, and the hardest action to take. Which was strangely ironic, because he was notoriously indecisive about everything. But this time, it was a clear case that he needed to get out, run away, and with haste.

However, haste was yet another thing he did relatively badly, too.

But maybe...   Read more

The Lakehouse

by iylila about 7 years ago

Standing along the shoreline was different. I took a deep breath as the gentle breeze blow passed me. I couldn't believe that this was my new home. It was so different from the tall buildings of the city. The water danced along my feet as the tide came in. I walked up to the dock and noticed how old it was. The boards had become worn...   Read more

Your mind makes it Real

by Kaltz almost 7 years ago

There were times like that, where even if it was something relatively mundane, he could stare long and hard at it and still have no clue what it was. Sometimes it worried him. One, it meant his vision was probably steadily worsening. Two, that he would imagine up something else in the place of an everyday object did not...   Read more

Without Cause

by Kaltz over 6 years ago

He wandered a lot. Not usually while he was home, but when the time presented itself and he was in a new location before starting a new job, or before he was scheduled to leave. Staying in one place was too suspicious at times, though some places took his 'look' in strides, gave him attentions, asked him questions. That was no better...   Read more

Something in Common

by ganymeder over 6 years ago

Malcolm's coo became a cry.

The child peeked into the cardboard box, vexation clearly etched etched upon his face. "What's the matter, little bird?" he asked, reaching down to stroke the wounded pigeon. His mother had warned him to stay away, that sometimes birds would bite and a wild bird like Malcolm could carry diseases....   Read more