When we go to work. We have memories of all kinds, from the good, the funny, the annoying. Just all kinds of memories that you will still remember as time goes on.

One of my recent memories from work was when one of my co-workers had scared my supervisor on purpose.

We were sitting at the desk when me and another co-worker of mine noticed her acting a bit suspicious, albeit in a funny way. When she hid under the desk, she put her finger to her lips telling us the "shush." Picking up the hint, we acted as if nothing was going on. When my supervisor finally came back from break to return to her desk. The co-worker had hopped out from under the desk and screamed at her. Giving my supervisor a good scare.

Afterwords, she had caught it on video of my boss's reactions to it. Our other Co-workers sure did have a good laugh that day.

This will remain one of the most unforgettable memories I still hold today while I remain at my current job.


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