When I was younger, I remember all of the pressure that was placed on me to be good enough.

The training that I had to endure, to get where I am today. At the top of my game.

But I keep asking myself? "Is this really what I want? Am I'm living for myself, or for others?"

I turned the medallion in my hands as I thought of how all I wanted to do was to make them proud! My parents, and my coach.

But now that's in the past.

Now I realize that what I want, and what they want do not match up.

It took my partner reminding me that now I have the chance to live however I want to live.

I placed the medallion down, and got into my journal to start writing out my wishes and dreams.

From this day forward, I realize that now I'm living for me, not for what others want.

From today forward, the day's will be mine, for me to do as I wish.

Tonight is my night.

To do what makes me happy.


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