I looking up at the jet black sky... it was now midnight... it was time.

"Time for what" You might ask... It was time for me to get the spotlight that I've always wanted. I found something that nobody else could find. I found the cure to corona virus but of course, nobody believed I had truly done it. So now, I will be giving my cure to a 28 year old man who has corona virus to prove to everyone that I had found the cure. I walked inside of a hospital.. I could see cameras pointed towards me and I walk up to a table that was stood right next to the man who was currently laying bed and I poured out the cure into a cup and I then poured out approximately 150mL of water and handed a stirring rod to a scientist and simply said "Stir vigorously" and so she did... The patient then drunk the cure and his facial suddenly dropped. "uh


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