It's breathtaking how many times I've had to smell this. The curiosity overwhelms me. So begins the search for my companions. After all, who investigates strange smells without company? Speaking of company...where is everybody? This nose of mine struggles to pinpoint the four-legged friends I've come to know over these past few months.

Something is off.

"Skipper," I think to myself. At least that's what the farmer calls me. "You know better than this to delay the inevitable."

I strain, nose and ears working in tandem to take in the faint...wait...yes. there it is. The distant sounds of howling. Distress.

As I break into a run across the green meadow, wildflowers parting before my powerful paws, I know I am about to be the hero. Ever since the she died, Farmer has been hiding something sinister. The disappearances have become a regular occurrence and now I know.

I arrived and dig into the pen keeping my friends at bay. As they rejoice with me, we know where this will end: farmer's well. A good place for a traitor.


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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero A dog named Skipper
villain A farmer with haunting secrets
goal Help the other dogs to safety
Prompt suggested by Gone Awry


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