It's breathtaking how many times I've had to smell this. The curiosity overwhelms me. So begins the search for my companions. After all, who investigates strange smells without company? Speaking of company...where is everybody? This nose of mine struggles to pinpoint the four-legged friends I've come to know over these past few months.

Something is off.

"Skipper," I think to myself. At least that's what the farmer calls me. "You know better than this to delay the inevitable."

I strain, nose and ears working in tandem to take in the faint...wait...yes. there it is. The distant sounds of howling. Distress....

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Walking in the woods at this hour was not a good idea, he told to himself. It was dead silent with only the wind whispering between the trees. It was very dark with an eerie purple night sky. Then the sky exploded.
He had never seen a lightning in the colors of the rainbow. Such a thing did not exist. Lightnings also moved much faster, blink and you will miss it. This one moved from west, towards of him, like a highway in the sky made from light unfolding right before him. The lightning touched the ground a few meters...

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“The entire shell is Chronium. That shields the op…”

“You mean chrome. Chromium?”

“Ahem. Crow NEE Uhm. Chronium. As in Chronos. Yes… so, it shields the operator from time partic…”

“Chronons, right!”

“Ye… Look are you going to kee…”

“…p interrupting? No. Sorry. Just. Just excited. Distracted. Do carry on…”

“Right. I know you created the concept, and were very keen to be the first test subject, but the engineering team has had to adapt a great deal of the original design. Are you su…”

“Yes. Totally re… Damn. I did it again, didn’t I?”

“Let’s just get you inside,...

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It was a gloomy day in the middle of no where all i could see was piles upon piles of hay, it felt late and i ont know how i got here ill i could think of was if i could remeber anyone, i dint have a care in the world on where i was i just wanted some kind of info. I could see a figure infront of the sunset i couldnt make out who it was all i cared about was that i wasnt alone and then out of know where i pass out and what felt like...

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There was a young man but so much unlike a normal man he was. He was always put in solitude, never let neer others. There was a reason for this his, he was to dangerous his father would say to him. But he did not think this he did not think people would fear him. One day he had been walking through the courtyard and he spotted something in the corner, this was what he needed a tunnel. So the following night he crawled through and ended up in a town and smelled something so sweet.....blood.

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Prompt: Lola
“Who’s for another?” it came out as one word. Jack knew it and hid the knowledge with busy bustle. He wove towards the bar with a half-dozen empty glasses and the promise of help when he was served, but that detail was forgotten as Emily spoke in her soft voice.

“Does anybody here know the library?”

“Not since school,” was one answer. “Not old enough yet,” was another.” I have the internet at home,” said a third. I didn’t want Emily to lose interest in the face of such flippancy, so I tried to help.

“I go sometimes,”...

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It was the fall that surprised me most. I watched as the sofa slid down the stairs of the women's dorm, I rushed down when it stopped at the landing, i lift the couch up and could see Amber, her neck was in the shape of an 'L.' She didn't move, she wasn't breathing, i looked up and could see her ghost standing over me, looking down at her body.
"Wha... what happened?" she asked.
"You fell,'re dead." i said, she started to panic, i tried to calm her.
"So, if i'm dead, how are you talking to me?"...

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I couldn't believe what I had just done. I ran outside the school, my breath coming out in raspy gulps. There was not even a chance of going back. I ran to the closest store I could find and loaded up. It was going to be a long trip.
I never thought that would actually happen to me. It only occurred in movies. Real life was never that interesting- or miserable I guess. I knew stopping and sitting down wouldn't be the smartest idea, but I couldn't stop myself from pausing for a second. What would I do with my...

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I hated seeing the shirt on the washing line in front of the Harrison's home. Didn't anyone tell them about the murder? Donny Cartwright had a shirt just like that one when he was found in the front garden of that house six years back. Unsolved.

I used to work for the Cartwrights, they sold up and moved after the tragedy. Heard that Mrs C died of a broken heart. Donny her youngest still lived at home, a momma's boy. Heart of gold. Slow. Wouldn't hurt a fly.

Such a shame what happened to him. If he hadn't been looking...

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"So you're saying you didn't see Willie Mason leaving the store Friday night?" PI Dot Post eyed the man sitting in her passenger seat.
"I see no man, no ma'am. Course you know dat."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I see someone leave that store, 'bout 11:45, I reckon, but weren't no Willie Mason. Nah, dis person got curly red hair an' wear army boots."
Dot glanced down at her own foot attire, her hand reaching uncertainly for her auburn curls.
"Aye, I see you, detective lady." He grinned maliciously. "I see you wit' de blood on your hands."

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