“The entire shell is Chronium. That shields the op…”

“You mean chrome. Chromium?”

“Ahem. Crow NEE Uhm. Chronium. As in Chronos. Yes… so, it shields the operator from time partic…”

“Chronons, right!”

“Ye… Look are you going to kee…”

“…p interrupting? No. Sorry. Just. Just excited. Distracted. Do carry on…”

“Right. I know you created the concept, and were very keen to be the first test subject, but the engineering team has had to adapt a great deal of the original design. Are you su…”

“Yes. Totally re… Damn. I did it again, didn’t I?”

“Let’s just get you inside, shall we? Coordinates are pre-set. You ju… Ah, I see you are familiar with the con…
… I don’t know why I bother!”

“Are you ok? You look li…”

"…like I saw a ghost. In a manner of speaking. Well, this proves one thing, at least.”

“You… You KNOW who killed Tom?”

“Oh that? That’s not the issue. Tom had to die. What I need to know is who is going to invent time travel, and why did THEY want him dead!”


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Galen almost 3 years ago

As long as you were compelled by the adrenaline of racing a six minute clock! :)

DoctorMikeReddy about 3 years ago

TBF this was written offline, months ago, but still in the time limit. I found it in notes recently rediscovered, and have no recollection of it being published anywhere else. As it was to time, and unpublished (as far as I know) I hope you’ll forgive me

DoctorMikeReddy (joined almost 14 years ago)
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