Prompt: Lola
“Who’s for another?” it came out as one word. Jack knew it and hid the knowledge with busy bustle. He wove towards the bar with a half-dozen empty glasses and the promise of help when he was served, but that detail was forgotten as Emily spoke in her soft voice.

“Does anybody here know the library?”

“Not since school,” was one answer. “Not old enough yet,” was another.” I have the internet at home,” said a third. I didn’t want Emily to lose interest in the face of such flippancy, so I tried to help.

“I go sometimes,” I didn’t tell her that the Librarian and I had once had a thing going that ended when she got really weird. Lola, she was called. The same as the old Kinks song. Or was it Clapton?
"It’s full of atmosphere. Great for a murder mystery weekend. Why? Is it closing down, or something?”

“I had a strange experience there, that’s all. I haven’t talked about it yet.”

Jack crashed the tray on the table, “Thanks for the help, guys!”

“Talk about it now.” I leaned forward to get Emily’s attention and distract her from Jack. “It looks like it’s bothering you.” It was true. Her normally pale complexion was almost translucent.


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