The corner. The only thing I've ever known since my childhood, is that goddamn corner. The corner of my suffering, the corner of my abuse. The corner where I would listen to my parents fight for hours on end. That dreaded corner. I'm Connor, aged 22, from Springville, Oklahoma. I've been stuck in my adoptive parents' home for thirteen years now.
My parents were murdered when I was nine, so family friends adopted me. It was nice at first, until they introduced me to that corner. The corner that took away my friends. The corner that took my freedom. The...

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Sen evindeyken bazı şeyler oldu, bilmezsin. nerden bileceksin. Evindeydin. sıcacık yuvan. sana ait her şeyiyle. belki beyaz duvarları var. belki bahçesi. çıkınca sarınırsın battaniyene. Öyle güzel öyle sıcak bir ev. ben yapamadım canım benim evimi bulamadım ben. bilir misin evsizlik ne demek. çiçeklerini koyacak bir camın önü bile yoktur. açar çiçeklerin evet ama yollarda kaybolur gider sonra. zamanla solar. dayanamaz göçebbeliğe. göçebelik zordur yavrucuğum. sen bilir misin. belki sen de uzun göçlerden sonra geldin ve o evi buldun. o evle hemhal oldun. evim kendimmiş diyor ebrar. gerçekten öyle mi? gerçekten evimiz kendimiz mi. içimiz en büyük şansımız diyor biri de....

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"You can't stay there all day." I glanced up at my mum who was throwing open the curtains with the wild abandon of someone who's world wasn't ending.

"Moping never did anyone any good." She flung open the window.

"Come on. ..." she reached for my duvet as if to pull it away. I wrapped my fingers tighter around the edges, pulling it closer.

She rolled her eyes and gave it a harder tug.

"Mu-uuum". I complained. My voice sounding hoarse from all the crying. It had been days since I'd spoken a word.

"A shower. That's what you need....

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"the tie-breaker question for 100 points ..."

Katy worried at her cuticles. There was a lot riding on this. Too much. She took a deep breath, trying to steady her nerves.


The host took a dramatic pause. She could hear the clock ticking loudly. She moistened her lips risking a glance at the group on the next table. How could they look so calm? Was their heart not beating in their ears.

Dawn, next to her, said something she didn't quite catch. Whatever it was, it made Lisa guffaw. A big manly laugh at odds with her petite physique....

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For his 80th birthday he had decided to go on a vacation he had never been to before. He packed his bag with only informal stuff and his favorite hat and sunglasses. He had been dressing up for formal suits for meetings and corporate parties all his life as he could remember. Now at his 80, he wanted to break the rules a little. Go on a trip to remember; in a tropical place as he would feel.. Europe was as tropical as it could get for him. Coffee on small tables by the side walk; pizza by the slice...

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It's breathtaking how many times I've had to smell this. The curiosity overwhelms me. So begins the search for my companions. After all, who investigates strange smells without company? Speaking of company...where is everybody? This nose of mine struggles to pinpoint the four-legged friends I've come to know over these past few months.

Something is off.

"Skipper," I think to myself. At least that's what the farmer calls me. "You know better than this to delay the inevitable."

I strain, nose and ears working in tandem to take in the faint...wait...yes. there it is. The distant sounds of howling. Distress....

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When I was younger, I remember all of the pressure that was placed on me to be good enough.

The training that I had to endure, to get where I am today. At the top of my game.

But I keep asking myself? "Is this really what I want? Am I'm living for myself, or for others?"

I turned the medallion in my hands as I thought of how all I wanted to do was to make them proud! My parents, and my coach.

But now that's in the past.

Now I realize that what I want, and what they...

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I looking up at the jet black sky... it was now midnight... it was time.

"Time for what" You might ask... It was time for me to get the spotlight that I've always wanted. I found something that nobody else could find. I found the cure to corona virus but of course, nobody believed I had truly done it. So now, I will be giving my cure to a 28 year old man who has corona virus to prove to everyone that I had found the cure. I walked inside of a hospital.. I could see cameras pointed towards me...

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Walking in the woods at this hour was not a good idea, he told to himself. It was dead silent with only the wind whispering between the trees. It was very dark with an eerie purple night sky. Then the sky exploded.
He had never seen a lightning in the colors of the rainbow. Such a thing did not exist. Lightnings also moved much faster, blink and you will miss it. This one moved from west, towards of him, like a highway in the sky made from light unfolding right before him. The lightning touched the ground a few meters...

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She was walking down the sidewalk in the downtown area of Seattle when she noticed a pile of white blankets and other pieces of cloth laying haphazardly on the right side of the sidewalk.

When she approached the bundle of the white blanket and other cloth, she briefly felt for it, thinking that there could be someone sleeping or even a dead body that was either abandoned, or may have died from an illness related to the recently unbearable heat.

However, she found that no one laid in the blankets, made obvious by the way that it was just tossed...

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