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One summer, I went to the Zoo with my family. Me, my husband and daughter all decided to go out of town for a week for vacation. After all, it's nice to get out of town every once in a while.

For one of the days, we decided that we would visit the local Zoo, as that's what my daughter had always wanted to do all year long. She would consistently beg us to take her until in the summer time, when summer break finally arrived...we decided to go out of town for the week. For one of the days,...

There's no way that's possible!

But this horse-like creature, it clearly looks like what could be described as a unicorn. But how.

We decided to ask the Zoo keeper why this horse had a sort of horn at the top of it's head.

"Oh this one?" He inquired, "It's a rare bread of horse, no one really knows why it has a horn."

I know for fact that the "unicorn" did not have any magic inside of it like fairytales would like you to believe.

But if a creature like this exsists, there's no telling what else could be possible.

When I was younger, my parents would always told me that there are things in this world, magic that I would never understand.

They were right, even to this day, I did not, and still do not believe that such a thing as magic would exist in this world.

We left the stable after a few minutes when my daughter started to loose interest in the creature, and we went about the rest of our day exploring the rest of the Zoo.


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