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There's no way that's possible!

But this horse-like creature, it clearly looks like what could be described as a unicorn. But how.

We decided to ask the Zoo keeper why this horse had a sort of horn at the top of it's head.

"Oh this one?" He inquired, "It's a rare bread of horse, no one really knows why it has a horn."

I know for fact that the "unicorn" did not have any magic inside of it like fairytales would like you to believe.

But if a creature like this exsists, there's no telling what else could be possible....

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One summer, I went to the Zoo with my family. Me, my husband and daughter all decided to go out of town for a week for vacation. After all, it's nice to get out of town every once in a while.

For one of the days, we decided that we would visit the local Zoo, as that's what my daughter had always wanted to do all year long. She would consistently beg us to take her until in the summer time, when summer break finally arrived...we decided to go out of town for the week. For one of the days,...

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"Of course, no one can make a unicorn," Pareth said, in that tone of voice he used when lecturing his students, "but you can take one apart." He stood, and I groaned inwardly.

He took the lecturing posture. "Of course, early giants of the field certainly tried. They glued the horn of a rhino to a horse, as if the mere simulacra of the thing could summon the real thing. Superstitious nonsense.

"Others tried grafting, and in more recent years we have seen specialized breeding, and even genetic manipulation. All abject failures. One cannot make a unicorn."

He smiled. "At...

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Serge nudged his office door shut and sighed. Another lecture done, one more to go on the tour. "What I wouldn't give for something fresh and green," he grumbled.
The tall, leggy blond tossed his hair from his eyes, grunting as he hit the hanging lampshade once again. "I will not do this again," he continued, complaining to the small, empty space. He missed the wild spaces, the trees, the meadows, his favorite pool with the tiny waterfall tumbling in.
"Gillenham can be the bloody ambassador to the Outside himself and finish this tour. I'm done." His bags were packed,...

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Once he had left it because absolutely clear that I missed him. Before he had left it wasnt so clear. Not at all. In fact, I had fully expected to breathe a sigh of relief once the door closed and I never had to look at his face again. Once it actually happened it was different. Much different.

It made no sence. Well, maybe it did. I had never been very nice. To him, I mean. The times I had snapped could be counted on my fingers. One two three four five six...

He hadn't left any of those times....

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I'd been tumbling in the corner of the market square. Its what I do. People give me money. They throw it in my upturned cap. I did three somersaults and landed square on my feet. No one clapped. What do they want of me? I followed up with a twist in the air and a front roll, but still no-one applauded. I'm not sure they even saw.

The dog was watching though. His eyes curious, his mouth in a doggy sort of smile. I saw him emulate my somersault as he trotted off towards his owner, who was pink and...

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"This is it?" Leila said with a wrinkled nose, her hands were clasped behind her back as she slowly approached the animal.

Myron stared at the blue ribbon sitting in a bow on the back of her head, eclipsing her dark brown tresses like an enormous butterfly. His eyes traveled down to her feet and the way her calves flexed as she walked on her toes around the creature.

"I wasn't lying, was I?"

"Dunno," Leila replied, and she hopped on a crate, her lanky, boyish form backlit by golden rays. It shone through her hair, making it more like...

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Sweating, her false horn started to slip, inch by inch down her forehead. "Damned glue! They said it would last 3 hours!" She lifted her nose and tried to balance the horn. "I hope no one notices."

She gathered her courage and stepped into the room, nose in the air, eyes darting from face to face. "Do they see? Will they notice?" Blinking greetings at those around her, she forced herself to smile. Better h

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We had our pet unicorn stuffed today. Oh people will tell you it's odd to stuff your family pet. A bit grim. A bit strange.

My aunt Gemma said we'd turn up on one of those hoarding shows, pointing out the rows of stuffed cats and rabbits to the audience.

I don't think it's so strange. Captain Bluebell gave us years of enjoyment. I remember when we first got him. The way he couldn't quite walk yet. He wobbled around, smashing all of the china we kept on pedestals. I don't remember why we kept over a dozen vases on...

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She paced the living room. He would be home soon, and she had no idea how she would answer his keys in the door.

She had spent week thinking of the words, only to lose them now. Her hands were clasped as if praying were something that would work now.

"I have to do this," she thought to herself.

"I have to do this," she said to herself.

The car could be heard pulling into the driveway. A car opens. It shuts.

She freezes. Hands down at her side. She stand amongst their furniture, their pictures, their nick-knacks.

She stands...

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