I'd been tumbling in the corner of the market square. Its what I do. People give me money. They throw it in my upturned cap. I did three somersaults and landed square on my feet. No one clapped. What do they want of me? I followed up with a twist in the air and a front roll, but still no-one applauded. I'm not sure they even saw.

The dog was watching though. His eyes curious, his mouth in a doggy sort of smile. I saw him emulate my somersault as he trotted off towards his owner, who was pink and green. As he turned I noticed that he wore a dappled coat and had a cats face. All the people, they were all animals now. Weird and wonderful, colourful and cheering.

Then the anaesethic wore off and I realised that last tumble wasn't quite as successful as I'd hoped.

Oh how the unicorn laughed


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Galen about 11 years ago

Great creativity!

greenkfl (joined about 11 years ago)

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