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It was the fall that surprised me most. I watched as the sofa slid down the stairs of the women's dorm, I rushed down when it stopped at the landing, i lift the couch up and could see Amber, her neck was in the shape of an 'L.' She didn't move, she wasn't breathing, i looked up and could see her ghost standing over me, looking down at her body.
"Wha... what happened?" she asked.
"You fell,'re dead." i said, she started to panic, i tried to calm her.
"So, if i'm dead, how are you talking to me?"...

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Charles looked at the man across from him, poor man john, he had all the reason in the world to do it—homeless, no job, no family—he needed the money.
"Face it, John, we know you did it."
"No," John said, sweat beading on his brow, "I didn't, that old lady just can't admit she doesn't know where she put those Bonds."
"We have you on a security camera, you took the Bonds out of her car while she ate at the restaurant." Detective Cahrles said, "Where are they?"
"In the barn on timplton's property."

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