Mind And Body

by Nat.Alo2005 about 3 hours ago

I was scared. I could see another perspective of myself. Did I want this to happen? No. But, did it happen for a reason? I had everything jut a few weeks ago, it went away so quickly. I knew that something bad was going to happen as the outcome, but I can't even bare the thought that this would happen. I feared that it would be...   Read more


by Nat.Alo2005 about 3 hours ago

"Following up from the fight we had last night Darren"
"I don't wanna talk about it Judy"
I can see the fear in Darren's eyes, i know he wants to tell me something, I just don't know what. His hands are trembling, while peeling the potatoes preparing for dinner. The look on his face is getting worrying. He suddenly falls to the floor, the peeler is down there with him. What did he do? What did I do? 911. PLease..


by Nat.Alo2005 about 3 hours ago

I am trying to make up words as I tremble in Fear. I can feel the first drop of sweat starting to run down my face. He, even more feared looks at me and says "don't worry". But, but I'm just not sure what that means? I'm not sure if we are going to make it, well at least we are together, and we will be forever no matter what form we are in. He says to go, but I can't leave him. He knows that deep down inside, I really care about him. "I'm staying".....


by Elizabeth05 about 3 hours ago

I let out a heavy sigh as I stepped over the cobwebs, allowing myself to have a moment of preparation. The swing rocked softly in the wind, beckoning me closer to its creaking gears. A piece of fabric rustled, caught in the links of the toy. I rushed towards it, snatching the piece of fabric from the wind, as it threatened to engulf it....   Read more

blah blahhhh

by __unknowwn__ about 20 hours ago

blahblah fuck


by DARKFOX_Jefferson about 23 hours ago

As I walked around town with my boyfriend, I noticed a pound. I walked up to it, looking into through the glass. I noticed a puppy looking very sad. I walked into the pound with my boyfriend yelling my name while trailing behind me. I walked up to the puppy, not bothered by anyone trying to greet me. I picked up the puppy and the puppy...   Read more

Phone calls

by _dramione_101 about 23 hours ago

I am Luciana
"Answer the phone" My boyfriend Marvin shouted across the room.
My life was horrible. Being the boyfriend of the most notorious person in Nevesbirki is horrible. Marvin steals from people and kills innocent animals. But every time I comment on anything, I would have to be beaten up. I hate him.
"ANSWER THE PHONE" He...   Read more

I'm with stupid

by MTT_Bloom about 23 hours ago

I'm with stupid. The boy I was standing next to is an idiot. He continuously talked to me about whales, telling me how big they can grow to and what their teeth are made of. Why was I stuck with him? I could have been stuck on an island with anyone else, but nope.

He decided to swim for a bit, not thinking about the shark...   Read more


by DARKFOX_Jefferson about 23 hours ago

I woke up in the middle of the night to be covered in sweat. I sat up and looked around my room to find nothing. I slouched back down and began to think of what I had just witnessed. I sat back up and looked around my room again. I got up and walked into the kitchen to grab a cup of water. I filled the water to the to of the glass and...   Read more

The girl in the red gown

by MTT_Bloom about 23 hours ago

Once, in Beijing, a young girl in a red gown huddled in a doorway. It was snowing, freezing her slowly. She continued shivering rubbing her arms to try and get warm. She started losing feeling, first her feet, moving up slowly. She panicked, she tried to move but she was stuck. It felt like something was holding her in...   Read more