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I thought, looking at that bloodshot sky, wow i thought, this is a sky to die under. Look at the sun. I bet it's not looking back. I also remembered that scene with Leo DiCaprio on a beach, when he is dragging himself and he has that look on his face as if he is dying. He must be really dying I thought. What is it like to die? I couln't answert that, so I took another look at this sunset with the clouds darkly in front of it. Then I imagined what a world it would be if you...

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What can you do in ten seconds? Where is the world going to? How quickly can you build a wall to Mexico and who will be the last to place a stone? Questions like these will not get us anywhere said the policeman but if we stand together then no mouse can slip inbetween our shoulders and we can finally eat all the pancakes we ever wanted to, with or without maple syrup. I thought he is really going insane, because we were in Alaska and since the sun never sets it is very bright and how can you make...

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