I thought, looking at that bloodshot sky, wow i thought, this is a sky to die under. Look at the sun. I bet it's not looking back. I also remembered that scene with Leo DiCaprio on a beach, when he is dragging himself and he has that look on his face as if he is dying. He must be really dying I thought. What is it like to die? I couln't answert that, so I took another look at this sunset with the clouds darkly in front of it. Then I imagined what a world it would be if you only had this tiny scrap of land and only blank space on either side just like I see it now on my computer screen. That scared me. Upon this shock I had to recuperate so I went and hand me some toast, and eggs. Feeling a tiny bit better and in good spirits again, proverbially speaking like a great mare than had its oats, i returned to the picture. This time I found I had nothing to say and it was not bad because it is not an assignment after all. But I could not get it out of my head. When i went to bed, i kept thinking of the sunset and in the morning when I took a look out of my window - it is a window facing a crowded street - what did I see but this sun? My doctor told me it's a sign for a change and I nodded in return. At last, I will travel without moving. That's like the Jamiroquai song. It's fantastic also because I am very lazy and I can have all the eggs in the world while visiting Shanghai and new South Wales and also Cape Cod and great places in this vein. I will never have to enter a plane and be scared of crashing and pay ridiculous fares for hotels and tip weirdly looking people who smell funny in their weird currency. Wow. This is almost too much for me to bear. Where will I got tonight. I know.


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