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A game. Thats what i thought it was, thats what my father told me it was. I was a child during world war II, a jewish child. My father took us to the station to catch the train towards the camp. He told me it was an excursion. WHen we git to the camo we were seperated from mum. The uniformed men spil us in to men and women. We were taken to a store room that was turned into a bunker, when a soldier walked in. He needed a translater to translate the soldiers commands to italian as most...

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"hey madeline sorry im late" amanda says apologetically. I look into her caramel coloured eyes, shes always been better than me even my parents preffered her. "oh it's fine" i say poison lacing my voice. Just you wait. I think. Just you wait till i can prove myself and everyone will finally prefer me. As i finish that thought an explosion sounds throughout the room. A sadistic smile forms on my face and a witch like cackle forms in my throat Amanda looks at me scared "whats going on madeline" she screams as fire starts to envelop the house. "ill...

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We have been in the bunker for weeks now sharing a room with me and my five brothers. Its hard to imagine our life before the war, in a nice large house with lots of nice food. Its my birthday tomorrow im the youngest , im turning 5. I learnt to read and write when i was 2, i was an advanced child , my parents used to believe i was a prodigy, they tried to make me learn thing like piano and violin, things that take lots of concentration. I failed at violin but i went well with piano...

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