We have been in the bunker for weeks now sharing a room with me and my five brothers. Its hard to imagine our life before the war, in a nice large house with lots of nice food. Its my birthday tomorrow im the youngest , im turning 5. I learnt to read and write when i was 2, i was an advanced child , my parents used to believe i was a prodigy, they tried to make me learn thing like piano and violin, things that take lots of concentration. I failed at violin but i went well with piano learning classics like fur elise. The clock strikes twelve, well i've made it i thought its officially my fifth birthday how exciting. my family wakes up around an hour later. my mum gets straight to work making a cake from all of the canned food. Her priorities where in the wrong places when we packed the bunker, she thought we need the piano so you can practice who cares about food or clean water. I look at the cake in saddness when will we get out when will i be happy again.


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