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This morning I woke up from the loud screeching of my alarm, I woke up my grandson Tom and in my energised voice said "come on Tom let's go out to the cafe". Tom and I got ready within 5 minutes, we left the house and were walking through the loud streets of Vietnam. Tom stops suddenly in front of me and points to a toy store that he wanted to go in. Tom lead me into the toy store grasping tightly onto my hand pulling me into the store. He was jumping up and down and his heart was...

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I felt blood running down my body, i had stab marks in my stomach, two of them, i was alone, on the dirt, with nobody around to help me. I looked up to see a bull standing over me, grunting, breathing heavily, i got up and walked away slowly. when i got up the bull saw the blood and ran away, i tighten my shirt around my stomach, run to the lake across from the sandy field and washed off the blood. My mum saw me from the balcony a few blocks down from the sandy field and she came...

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