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Annabelle Clarisse, was born blind but her disability never stopped her from visualising the world with her other senses. She could smell how spring was just around the corners as the flowers bloomed and how she could hear the chips of little hatchlings be born. Annabelle was never sad about how she was but instead she turned her negativity into something greater by become an artist. Her very first art piece was published in France,1943 where the she showed her audience how she saw the world with her own imagination. Her sense of touch helped her visualise he paintings by...

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Anita anahu was a Polynesian girl born with elemental powers. For generations her family were the guardians of 4 sacred islands. Each island was an element
the first island was water. The second one was wind, Third was fire and lastly earth but for anita she has the ability of all 4 elements. The people of islands were surprised as the very first child to contain all elements were known to be part of a prophecy.

The prophecy is said to be told that if a child is born with all elements he/she is the heir to all the 4...

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