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He lept from the pavement like a, well like something that's not supposed to exist. Sparks of light crackled in the place where his sneakers just were. How is this possible? Is what he should have been asking. He really was thinking, Awesome!
He never really followed all that magician stuff. Not one to dress up like a wizard to see a kids movie at midnight. In fact he can remember the last time he voluntarily read or watched a fairy story of any kind.
It was undeniable. Flight. And not a super-powered leap in spandex flight but one that...

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Once, in Beijing, a young girl in a red gown huddled in a doorway. Once, in Bucharest, a old man in a red scarf lost his way on a familiar street. Once, in Brooklyn, a young boy in red shoes ran home from school as fast as he could. Today, in a red coat, I found the answer to my final question.
Snow was falling bringing the kind of cold that made you huddle into your coat. I walked across a field I crossed every day. Hopped the stile and cut through a stand of trees to reach the bus...

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Bombs were the last thing on his mind. Being late for work was the first. Now he found himself standing ankle deep in snow waiting for dogs to check the building. Bathrobes are not the most winter appropriate clothing. How long could it take to search 16 stories?
This would be the 7th time he was late this month. Waiting tables is not the most demanding way to make a living but you do have to be present to pull it off.
Ok, there was definitely snow melting into his sneaker. No time for socks.
He had keys, he could...

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