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Student of film. Student of writing. Still learning how one writes such stories. Yet, still fascinated about what it means to "write"

Learning how to write with extreme constraints is hard. Learning how to make sense is harder.


It was really quite simple. I called him in to prepare my nightly tea time, he walked into the room and I shot him between the eyes.

Was really his fault. He couldn't be counted on to keep quiet about my nature. Still, it was fun while it lasted. I called in the maids and they promptly set upon his body for removal. It was something like a week and I had gone through almost a dozen staff. They buzzed like flies when I needed them, but just could not keep to themselves when it came to keeping secrets.


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"I gotta get out of here" he cried.

The room began to spin as he collapsed and sank against the wall. This was only the fourth time he had tried this method, and yet he was still shivering from the cold. Was only his fault he couldn't swim very well in the dark, he was just disoriented from being stuck in the room for so long.

"Now, now Mr. Stevens. No use getting all wet and miserable on my behalf." A voice softly chuckled above him.

Stevens could clearly see that the intercom in front of him was glowing red....

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