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Gene Answer was a cool cat. He worked at a machine shop in Las Vegas. After ten years, he was laid off. No pension, no unemployment.
He had to leave his house and move into some hot-bed hotel to save his money. After that, he started to get pissed off. Eating balogna sadwiches on white bread was not his style.
Gene went to the local 7-11 dressed up in a ski mask and demanded all of their money. The clerk asked him if he wanted change. Gene simply brought out his wallet and demanded change for a $20.

The clerk,...

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The world has changed. We have all become compeditors in someone else's game. 6 Minute Story has changed for the worse. One night, a woman jumped from 23 stories in New York. She landed safely in a dumpster full of pillows. We had coffee the next day, and she explained that she was suffering from a mild case of "I don't care". I found that a reasonable excude and bought her a cruller. She was happy, but pulled a gun out of her purse and shot hersself in the head. Damn. Now I have to get the tip. Good coffe,...

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I was eating hot dogs on the dock. No problem, right? But this dude comes up and starts buggin' me, so I tell him to step off.

He Won't leave me alone, so I had no real choice but to grab the knife out of my jeans and stab the dude in the chest. Three times.

Police arrived soon thereafter and decided it would be much easier to just feed me to the sharks than put me through the system....

Lucky me

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The pistol was cocked... Ready to go. I didn't know what to do...

Should I shoot? Should I run? It was a question which required some thought. But I had no time to think.

I needed to think back to my college philosophy classes. Fight or flight. Talk or smoke.

So... I reached into my pocket slowly, all the while showing my pistol...

"Just let me show you my credentials"

hen I dropped my pistol. Then I ran.

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My name is Mallard Duck.
I have BiPolar disorder.
I will fight it to the living end. And lose, probably
Starting with: this is the WOST topic ever posted here.
Still -- I'm a hero on a Ducky Scale for saying so.

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What is the meaning of life? More importantly -- What is the meaning of eternal life?

Jane had an inkling that something was off that Thursday. Something didn't just quite feel -- right.

She went to the coffee shop as she always did for her latte in the morning. Today, however seemed peculiar.

She paid, as always, in quarters, and went to sit at a table.

A man stepped up to her and intoduced himself.
"My name is Safura", he said.
"I'm Jane. Nice to meet you".
"What would you say if I told you I could offer you eternal...

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I wasn't sure when I woke up what to do with my day. I mean, I like to be as productive as the next guy, but it was Freeform Friday. i didn't even really know what that meant, but I had it marked on my calendar.

So I decided my best move would be to go back to sleep. When I woke up at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I realized that time was my villain. I'd slept away the entire day.

So now what? It's still light out, so I could work on some flash fiction.

I do not...

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We were on a quest to find the Black Rose. It was the only thing which could be used to defeat Francis.

Cold, hungry, and lost in the forest, we stopped for some rest.

"Marchiel, what's our plan?". Miriam asked me.

"At first light, we travel to Moundenchow. I know someone there who can help us. Get some rest.", I answered

Dawn rose, and we were on our way to Moundenchow.

We met my friend at a tavern, and he directed us to the mantle above the fireplace. There it was. The Black Rose. It had been secreted in this...

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I was stealthy. I knew my prey was crafty, so I prepared. Night vision goggles, sniper rifle, grenades just in case. I was stalking the elusive Reindeer through the forests of the Northwest.

Oh, but he was a crafty one, indeed.

He doubled back on me. I barely saw him coming. Who knew reindeers could fly? This one was wearing a blue cape, and its nose was glowing bright red.

I should have seen it coming. He ambushed me.

Then I saw the man himself. Santa. I thought he was made up. He'd been behind the ambush the entire time....

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I'm Theo. You might remember me. I had a guest role in several 80's sitcoms. Thigns jus didn't work out for me, I guess.

I got married at one point in my career, but that didn't work out either. I still keep in touch with my Mother-In-Law, though.

Last week, she invited me over to dinner. She doesn't seem to be doing so well herself. Turns out, she'd only invited me over in a vindictive mood about my divorce from her daughter. She came at me with a knife at one point.

Well, I wrestled the knife away from her...

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