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Five minute fiction to feed your addiction. Short Stories, from dark to drama to humor to love stories. Stories that are short, but will linger in your mind for a long time. Follow me on twitter @talebreaker


Whap! That's what the thunderbolt felt like. Never felt one before that fateful day. Not sure I can stand another.

I remember the first day I saw her, the woman of my dreams.  I didn’t know she was the woman of my dreams at first, that came the moment I saw her smile.

A colleague and I were talking one day and her name came up.  He said if you ever see her smile, you’ll never forget it.  He was right.  One day, not long after, I happened to make her smile and that was it.  That was the day the...

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"I couldn't sleep with her next to me. Each night, I'd have a hard time trying to sleep. She was everything I could hope for and I stressed each night, as I'd try to drift off, that she'd realize one day I wasn't good enough for her. Thank god each morning she was there for me."

A married man, Tom, who lived outside of New York, was taking the train, as usual into town. Tom was married to Rosie. Margie, a friend of Rosie’s, who was also taking the train, saw him talking to a woman.
Tom appeared to be...

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Lost but he couldn't stop hearing those footsteps, in his mind. They kept going on and on. Jack could hear his footsteps echoing.

Jack sat there engulfed in smoke – hoping the ash-filled clouds would somehow shield him from the pain.

Her body flew through the air, so unnaturally, like a bird caught in a tornado. The blood cascading down her forehead like a waterfall of emotion.

Her delicate face was transformed into a mask – a crimson mask of blood and agony. The smell of burnt rubber and panic in the air. It was electric. Why did she have...

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