"I couldn't sleep with her next to me. Each night, I'd have a hard time trying to sleep. She was everything I could hope for and I stressed each night, as I'd try to drift off, that she'd realize one day I wasn't good enough for her. Thank god each morning she was there for me."

A married man, Tom, who lived outside of New York, was taking the train, as usual into town. Tom was married to Rosie. Margie, a friend of Rosie’s, who was also taking the train, saw him talking to a woman.
Tom appeared to be smiling and looking very happy.

Margie, who saw what she saw, felt she had no choice but to tell Rosie what had happened.
That night, Rosie confronted Tom and she asked him to explain himself, acting almost accusatory.
Tom appeared dumbstruck and then began to laugh, which infuriated his wife.

Tom, who noticed Rosie getting frustrated, asked who saw him with that woman. Rosie explained it was Margie. Tom began to get very angry and started to softly curse, at which point he began to explain himself.
The woman, as Tom put it, was a friend of a friend. She was in love with one of Tom’s friends and had met Tom and Rosie a couple of times (Margie had never met her).

The woman was having cold feet regarding accepting a recent marriage proposal. Tom went onto explain that this woman, after having met Tom and Rosie, felt that they had what it took to make a relationship work and she was curious as to what that intangible element was.

Tom, went onto say to the woman, that the intangible element was gratitude. Tom felt he was the luckiest man in the world getting to spend it with Rosie – the only woman he could ever imagine loving.
Tom mentioned that each morning, he’d wake up, often in a slight panic, as he’d think his whole life with Rosie was too good to be true. He went onto explain that he’d turn his head and enter into the best, most rewarding time, of his day. He’d turn his head from his pillow to the right side of the bed, and there’d be Rosie, often snoring, and Tom loved it and couldn’t believe how lucky he was.

Tom went onto tell Rosie how he could never, ever, even entertain the thought of being with another woman as he’d feel empty inside with no hope. Tom then started to swear and curse Margie. Rosie was a little worried. She asked Tom what was the matter. Tom said that the fact he had to explain all of this was bad luck for him. It was like seeing the pin before it burst the bubble.

For the first time, Rosie realized that Tom not only loved her but that Tom was with her all the way through till the end.

Tom’s eyes then opened extra wide and before he knew it he felt that panic sensation again. This time, it wasn’t because of Rosie. It was because, as he turned his head as he awoke, there never was a Rosie.

End Dream.


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Jayden Nicole over 10 years ago

LOVED that ending!!

Jayden Nicole over 10 years ago

LOVED that ending!!

talebreaker (joined over 10 years ago)
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I couldn't sleep with her next to me.
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