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" Hey Lukas, we need to go somewhere before you can open anymore gifts" said Bob (Lukas' father), Lukas walks out the door and into the car while stepping on the cold and white snow, when they were in the car they had noticed a lot of pets being walked, some were dressed up with little gaskets and others that had nothing on. They arrived at the place, Lukas looks up and notices that it says " PET STORE", He jumps with excitement and runs inside the store. While inside he grabs a collar, leash, food and water bowl and...

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What can you do in ten seconds? Where is the world going to? How quickly can you build a wall to Mexico and who will be the last to place a stone? Questions like these will not get us anywhere said the policeman but if we stand together then no mouse can slip inbetween our shoulders and we can finally eat all the pancakes we ever wanted to, with or without maple syrup. I thought he is really going insane, because we were in Alaska and since the sun never sets it is very bright and how can you make...

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The dangers of air surfing had yet to be explored. Jenna had never been shy when it came to taking risks, yet now she found herself in the embarrassing position, almost literally, of talking out her ass.

"Can you help me down, please?"

"What happened to 'I'll be a living legend?'" quipped her boyfriend, Bob. "I mean, I've got to say I'm enjoying the view."

Dangling, upside down, as the tide came in, did little to improve Jenna's temper. "Just pull me down; will you?"

"Just as soon as I finish filming. My followers on YouTube are gonna LOVE this!"...

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Elisha, let me tell you, I love being out here. Hearing the ocean roar like it do, by golly, it's like the glorious music of the spheres.

Drowns out the screaming of our victims, too. Why they have to scream like that, Elisha? Don't they know we're just helping them reincarnate into the next evolution of the species? Damn ungrateful, ain't it.

Whats the matter, Elisha? You don't look so chipper all of a sudden. Are we out of fishing line? We need the lines to be thick and taut, so we can hang them upside down until the blood...

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