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The heart beating, dazzling country Kenya is the home of millions of people all formed into one loving family. To some people Kenya is some gloomy country that holds people so they can just a have home but it has beautiful life with lions, elephants, rhinos and may more roaming living life to the max. People in Kenya are granted the ability to experience life with the animals to make living and feeling more connected to others, rather than just themselves.

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It was a random trip, picked quite literally with a dart to a map. Jon would be going to Kenya. He'd never been outside America before, and he figured selecting places at random would be the best way to start. After all, why go through all the fuss and research when you could just let a mix of fate and chance make the decisions for you?

He packed his bag, being careful to take only one piece of luggage. One of those roll-away things that were still allowed in the overhead compartments. The previous months had been a roller coaster,...

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Kenya was the name of my doppelganger. I thought it a strange name, thought he might call himself Jim or John, both my names. I am James John Madison. But no, he told me he was Kenya that first time I spotted him in the bathroom at the hotel.

At first I thought I was hallucinating, but he was real. Not a ghost, but an actual man. He said it was amazing our paths had crossed this way although he always guessed there was a second version of him around.

We discussed urban legends, that seeing our other half could...

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My bestfriend Ruth Maina is from Kenya. She just moved here in Lawrence, Kansas with her brother Julius last year. She said, theres so many differences between Kenya and America. Keyna people are so nice and very welcoming people but some other people here in American just cant be nice or friendly. The other differences is the languages and the culture. Now, shes been here for a year she finally get to know more about kids here and their culture. She said, Kenya is the most beautiful place that she ever known, and she really wanna go back home. She...

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I looked up from my book. 'Huh?'


'Can I what?'

'No, the country. Kenya.'

'Yeah, okay, in Africa. What about it?'

'We found him there. He's working in an aid camp for Somalian refugees.'

'Him? Who?'

'You know who I'm talking about.'

I put the book down, forgetting it. 'How certain are you of this? There can be absolutely no mistake, understand?'

'Positive identification. No question.'

'Anecdotal or visual? We need to be sure.'

'Oh, absolutely visual. A low flying drone picked him up leaving a market. He had a couple of bags of veggies and a rack...

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Kenya. She said her name was Kenya.

And then she laughed. I couldn't hear it, not over the music in the bar, not over the shouting of everyone around us. But I saw the laugh, starting in her stomach, and traveling up and out of her mouth.

She leaned closer and said that her parents had grown up with Black Power and Africa awareness, and decided to name her Kenya. That they had grounded her the first time she straightened her hair.

Her voice, the part of her voice I could hear, had a huskiness to it that really appealed...

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There once was a woman from Kenya
Who grew a voracious gardenia
A plant that ate men
With a touch of cayenne
That the woman decided to send ya

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