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The night had finally come, the date that I have been waiting for all week! My boyfrend was planning to take me out on a speical day, tho he wasen't telling me where we were going. I was so excited, that I had tears streaming down my face. He was almost here at my house to pick me up, I was rushing, I had to put on my makeup, get dressed, take a shower and I had to make sure that I looked good. OMG he is here!! He arrived in his mercedes benz, wow I am gobsmacked, off we...

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While walking in the city, the 2 friends asked each other where they should go for dinner. They decide to go to a fancy restaurant and order some steaks. They ordered it with gravy and some mashed potato. The boys mind was running wild. He was thinking of how his friend looked very pretty and how good they would look together, as a couple. The girls mind was also running wild vise versa. As soon as they finished their dinner, they decided to go to the lake. While walking to the lake, they didn't talk whatsoever. They were silent, thinking...

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I remember being that young. They seem to be about the same age that I was when I was engaged to my now ex fiance. We were so hopeful at that age. Thinking that we would take each other by the hand and go through this life sifting through all of its difficulties, learning together how to be separately one. We would hold each other like this young couple is now, tightly, looking out over the night time city lights thinking that we'd find our place somewhere. How wonderful it was. But how much more painful the conclusion to our...

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That's the only emotion I feel as Jeremy wraps his arm around my neck, kissing my forehead.

I love him, he loves me.

He's amazing.

I feel amazing.

True love is a flawless thing. It is.

How does it get better than this?

It doesn't, and that's true love.

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Leila blinked back tears. Focusing on the skyline and it's twinkling reflection on the water, she took a deep breath. This was such a perfect moment, she almost didn't want to spoil it. James had his arm wrapped around her, the warmth of his body comforting, the sound of his heartbeat steady. The same heart she was about to break.
"There's something I have to tell you." she said, her voice barely more than a whisper.
"Hmm?" He wrapped her hair around his fingers, kissing the top of her head.
"I -" she stopped. She couldn't do this. How could...

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In a world torn asunder,
I'm simply here to pillage and plunder.

I sail the blue and ride the high seas,
And move along on an ocean breeze.

Salt may move through my veins,
As women try to tie me down to these shipping lanes.

But my heart is meant to go far,
And my mouth is meant to find the next bar.

For in a world of insanity,
Little does the man good who is consumed with vanity.

So, I'll toil, and boil, and make myself trouble,
As I sit here on the edge of this bubble.

I'll watch...

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The waves rolled in, and I could hear them crashing along the shoreline. It was a fresh water lake, with rocks that made up the shore.

My eyes were still closed as I lay on the day bed. I was relegated to the front porch, as it "was not appropriate to sleep in the same bedroom."

Such old fashioned thinking makes me giggle. Yet, I follow to impress.

I can feel the sun on my cheek and I don't open my eyes. My legs stretch themselves out, s I was slightly cramped on a space too small to fit my...

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I just stepped off the train, and the heat is unbearable. Before I left my apartment, it was already at 90. That was at 5:45 this morning.

Now, it is the end of the day, and I am stopping to grab a drink with a friend. They are visiting the city, so I have meet them up in a place I normally don't go to. Well, except for work.

The heat is so intense, taking the train was easier than walking. I would normally walk but this would have been too much of an exercise.

Michael Phelps would have been...

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It felt like the last night on earth, the last day of the world.

The truth of it was simply that it was the last day for the two of them.

She wasn't certain she could really pinpoint the day they ended, nor that she could really work out why they ended. It was as if she'd woken up one morning, looked at him (his back, how long had that been the way they slept, not even touching, two bodies in the same bed, not two souls in the same space) and realised that she didn't love him.

It hadn't...

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We stood watching lights of a city I would soon leave behind. Atop the hotel roof, we clung to each other on my last night in Cleveland. The triangle-shaped Rock Hall was lit beautifully. The river below, the stadium where the Browns played just a short ways away. It had been an incredibly hot day for Ohio; yet we held hands the entire day. Woke up with fans blasting, drinking ice water that had turned lukewarm overnight. My feet stuck to his hard wood floors, making squeaking noises as I walked to the kitchen in my summer pajamas; a night...

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