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"At long last it is a weekend", says Katherine. She didn't question why she was in this seedy club. She didn't care at all. She just wants to forget all the happenings in her life. Her work,her boyfriend and even her troublesome dog. Katherine didn't much care. She has decided that she has cared to everyone most her life. She always took everyone's interest before her own. But not this time, not when the disco is sparklinglt turning.

The music was so loud, the lights were so dim and there were many people clustered in groups. Katherine just sat on...

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She found the key on the internet.

It seemed silly, a little, to buy a physical and tangible thing like that to open up a locked trunk in a dream. But it was necessary, she was sure. She'd been trying to get into the trunk in the bedroom of the house of doors - the house she returned to over and over again in her lucid dreams - for years. For as long as she could remember.

The trunk, solid and wooden, banded with brass and locked. It was impenetrable. She'd tried peering through the keyhole, picking the lock, everything....

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The Skeleton Key was lying on the dresser, as it had for as long as he could remember. It meant more to him now than it ever had-now that he realized what was in the locked chest. She never even considered that he might wonder what was in the chest.

Now, as he arrived home from the hospital, having suffered a minor heart attack, the skeleton key lying on the dresser piqued his desire to finally open the chest. His own chest had been locked up for so long, enclosing his own heart--not fully experiencing what a heart has the...

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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero A skeleton key
villain Locked chest
goal Opening
Prompt suggested by idareyou
Originally displayed on:
March 16, 2010


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