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He does not even see him. My goodness, quit taking pictures of me and turn around you moron. The hyena is laying low to the ground, covered by the brush, unless you look at him head on.

The hyena is inching closer to the human, who of course, is facing me. I need to get over there quickly.

My back condenses, and loads like a spring. SNAP. I am the fastest land animal. I should be able to get there in time.

I am off, and this feeling never gets old. The brush is tall, but not tall enough to...

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Hunt by CPage

When I arrived, the hyena was circling him silently, and the silence was what bothered me the most. It should be cackling. But it was just quiet. I'd seen enough hyenas hunting to know that this was wrong.

I looked at my options, felt out with all my senses to see what living creatures were nearby. Posessing the photographer was no good, since he clearly had no weapons and not much physical strength, even with my intellect of fighting capabilities. If I possessed the hyena, if The Shadow was already inside (and I knew it was, no hyena was that...

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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero A Cheetah
villain A Hyena
goal To save a Safari Photographer
Prompt suggested by booksaboutpeace
Originally displayed on:
March 15, 2010


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