Hunt by CPage

When I arrived, the hyena was circling him silently, and the silence was what bothered me the most. It should be cackling. But it was just quiet. I'd seen enough hyenas hunting to know that this was wrong.

I looked at my options, felt out with all my senses to see what living creatures were nearby. Posessing the photographer was no good, since he clearly had no weapons and not much physical strength, even with my intellect of fighting capabilities. If I possessed the hyena, if The Shadow was already inside (and I knew it was, no hyena was that quiet in the hunt), it would be bad. I needed another option. Millions of ants, several parrots... no good no good. Keep reaching. There. A hunter. I dove.

Then I was running, the cheetah's new skin around my spirit was strange and tight but strong. I made for The Shadow.


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photographer shadow cheetah hyena possession


Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero A Cheetah
villain A Hyena
goal To save a Safari Photographer
Prompt suggested by booksaboutpeace


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