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She nearly disappeared so quickly it was like she was never there, but for scent of her perfume. I knew it was her. All those years, and she still wore sweet almond oil. She was the only woman I knew who wore it.

I followed the scent, staying well back, not wanting her to see me; not yet. Oh, she thought she was safe. She thought I'd forgotten her, or moved on. She thought that now, in this new city of millions, I would not find her.

She was wrong. I have followed her. Every step she took, I was...

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He was standing on the sidewalk below, jumping up and down. A passer-by might think he was crazy, but she knew better. He always did things with good reason. She smiled at him as she walked by and murmured, "Hi." He looked around like a startled deer caught in a floodlight, but she was gone. She had dissolved into the doorway.
Maybe he's really happy, she thought, as she walked softly up the stairs, careful not to wake the sleeping house. Sometimes, when she was happy, she felt like doing that. And she felt like never, ever, ever stopping. Maybe...

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Mia and John sat by the stones, and no one noticed them.

"You shouldn't be here." John explained.

"My dad's hated here, so what? I need to know the truth."

John ducked under a tree, a cigarette dangling from his mouth. "Your dad is traced back to you. His enemies are yours now."

"You mean people want to kill me?"

"Just people you're dad took from." John said quietly, a blur against the dark stones.

Mia looked at him, incredulous. "It could be any of these people."

She looked around, and saw people through windows, walking through the streets,

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"Why the rush?"
A hand grazes the back of my neck, pulling my hair away. Warm breath sticks to the back of my ear and the skin of my neck. I stiffen. That voice is so familiar. I hear a shift to my right and then feel a hand wrap around mine. I jerk it to my side.
"What's the matter?"
I barely hear the words when my body shudders it's disgust. My eyes squeeze shut and I take a step forward. Then two steps. Then three. I don't stop at the door or at the road or anything. I...

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