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Wide eyes, open and deep
Divine perfection in bodily form
An angel drawn from sleep
She draws me to the sweetest storm

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a by kochany

cześć kochanie

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I wondered how it could be that she wanted me to do such a terrible thing. She promised that she wouldn't tell my wife.
"Experience has taught me that sisters do not keep secrets from each other."
She couldn't stop staring at me.
I assumed she thought it was sexy. I just saw alimony payments and the cold stare of an ex-wife. And yes, let's not forget the angry words of a father-in-law who never really did like me in the first place. Well, you can't blame the man, when I remember that he caught me and my then girlfriend...

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My nails had been long. I'd given up biting six months ago. But ever since I tasted his blood I couldn't stop putting my fingers into my mouth, chewing the skin, licking up drops of redness. Hoping it would satisfy my craving.

It didn't.

I kept looking at necks. Middle aged triple chins the type with thick white hair growing under. Women too scared too pluck them out. Or too blind to see.

Throbbing Adam's apples on smooth soft skin. Younger boys looking into my eyes, misreading signals. Lustful.

My history professor, all nose hair and stubble. Wondering if there...

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there once was a blank it attacked a man who had no hair. he was a very kind man but nobody could see hi. there are full of mysters in this world that nobody really knows. there was a dragon who attacked kenna boyer then kyle came to rescue her and they got married and babies. then lee Kamp got a divorce with his lady and married kyle and kenna was lonely. then kenna got together with a pink donkey his name was jimbo he loved to make shaped with hands and his feet were as brights as a hipopotimus...

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Darling, I have done this to you
but I've done this to the rivers, too
I have ravaged mountainsides and
leveled acres of forest

I have seen your look before
in the wildlife of the eroding canyon
in the shattered shy, the moon and sun
sharing the shrinking space.

Find something to do
and do it
before I ruin that,

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She'd been a good wife. Comely and passionate, even through bearing 6 children (4 of whom survived) and I'd only strayed but once.

Of course she had known straight away, but had nodded; she wasn't perfect either. But while I loved her, and she me, we'd understood. No one can bear everything alone. And some loads were the cause of each other.

I'd known she had gazed upon others with a lusty eye. To be honest, I wasn't as philosophical as she; fierce jealous rage had filled me with hypocrisy. I learned a valuable lesson in self-delusion, but maybe not...

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