I wondered how it could be that she wanted me to do such a terrible thing. She promised that she wouldn't tell my wife.
"Experience has taught me that sisters do not keep secrets from each other."
She couldn't stop staring at me.
I assumed she thought it was sexy. I just saw alimony payments and the cold stare of an ex-wife. And yes, let's not forget the angry words of a father-in-law who never really did like me in the first place. Well, you can't blame the man, when I remember that he caught me and my then girlfriend making cow noises and kissing at the back of the jalopy that my dad had bought for me as a graduation present. That's a lie. I stole it, but that's what I told him anyway.
So finally I succumbed.
It was just a foot rub. Her slip was restless on her slim form and I kept glancing underneath her thigh...ALIMONY!!


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