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I had a best friend. He was almost exactly the same as me, except he was... different. He followed me around almost everywhere I went. I only ever saw him during the day, and when it was cloudy, he almost never showed up. He never spoke a word, he kept quiet. I sometimes wondered what was going on in that wide head of his. He is the only person that understands me, that's why I called him my best friend.
It only took me 6 years to realise, he was my shadow.

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The freaking tiny pebbles are getting all stuck in my shoes. Urgggg. This is stupid. I mean why did I come down to the lake anyway? I'm pretty sure I forgot to lock the door too.
Uriah always told me to get fresh air every now and then, and this shore sure has a breeze.

*A chuckle slips out of my lips.*

Yup, definitely a breeze.

This is stupid. I'm not a little kid. I can't kick off my shoes and play pirates by the water anymore. How could I play pirates by myself, anyway? Impossible.
But I can still...

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March 17, 2014


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