I walked across the field, staring at the animals that surrounded me. The bare skin on my feet felt strange against the soft lucious grass.
A grey mist covered the area including the animals, meaning it was difficult to see what they looked like.
I wondered to myself what type of creature they were.
Each animal had horns that rose high into the misty air. White spots and stripes covered them, making each animal different from the others that surrounded.
I took another few steps forward, getting as close as I could to one of the animals without being in danger. I still could not work out exactly what it was. It was so dark.
Therefore I reached out a hand, allowing my hand to run down the animals side.
A smile came to my lips. The animals fur was reasonably soft. My hands continued running down the animal until eventually the head of the animal moved towards me. My smile grew as its great brown eyes stared into my small blue ones.
I knew at that moment that I'd never feel this close to nature again. This animal, in a way had changed me, just in one look. 'How peculiar' I said out loud to myself before laughing and walking away.


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