Bob hit the switch again.

I'm not too surprised because he's the biggest klutz I've ever had the misfortune to know. It had to happen the one day I forgot my tethers.

I took a quick look around. No nearby trees to grab. The neighbour's dog was starting to lift. That *was* surprising. That bitch was huge.

The dog, I mean.

I was about 10 fet off the ground now and slowly accelerating. 'Bob, you wanker. Can you hear me?'

He stuck his unshaven face out the window. 'Wot?'

'You hit the switch again, right?'

'Wot switch?' He stuffed a sandwich in his mouth. 'Oh wait.' He popped back in the window and a second later I felt that sinking feeling as I rejoined the earth.

'Yeah, Bob. That switch. The anti-gravity machine isn't a toy, Bob. Be a bit more careful, yeah?'


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