The gate closed behind them and there was no looking back. What went on inside would be difficult to remember anyway; like a dream that fades after the first cup of coffee, leaving one with but a shadow of a strange feeling that lingers over the rest of the day.

Anne and Bobby had been walking in the woods as the snow fell and Boris, Anne's Laborador retriever, ran ahead. They stopped to kiss in the falling snow, and suddenly noticed that Boris was missing. Running and calling, they came upon a fence they could not recall from any previous walks. They could hear muffled barking behind it. Searching, they found an entrance, a gate that creaked as they pulled it open.

Inside, it was summer. The grass was green and birds and butterflies flitted about, The air was warm and smelled of flowers. Boris came running up, panting. A feeling of peace and calm fell over Anne and Bobby. Hours passed as in a second, but at last they had to leave.


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