The gate closed behind them. Skidmark spun around and readied his rifle, scanned the scene and grunted to himself. He lowered the rifle slowly and turned back around. It appeared that there was no escaping the arena.

About fifty yards across from him, another contestant appeared, a tall, lithe woman in a jumpsuit, her Mohawk towering a good six inches above her scalp. From the way her eyes glowed red, Skidmark could tell that it was Annex Annie, reigning champion of Arena Combat League. In her hand was her trademark laser mace.

Skidmark cracked his neck in anticipation of a tough fight, and checked the ammo in his rifle. Three shots.

The competition wouldn't begin until the announcer finished his announcements, so Skidmark knelt down on one knee and began breathing in slowly. He prayed to nobody in particular that he would survive this ordeal, and then waited for the announcer to


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