The gate closed behind them. It was too late, she knew it. How did they get here? Why did it have to end this way?
"Jamie, it's okay. They won't find us here."
She wanted to believe him. She tried to believe him. She couldn't. They corner they hid in was dark, damp, dirty. She didn't have to wait long.
As the latch opened on the outside gate, Sean starting shaking. He can't handle this, Jamie thought.
"We're going to die, aren't we?" he asked.
Jamie considered lying, but what would be the point? She put her arms around him and tucked her chin over his shoulder. She had to stand on her toes to do so. He'd grown so much over the past year..
"Yes. We are."
"I want mom and dad," Sean whispered. Tears stung her eyes Jamie's eyes and she held on tighter. Light began to appear as the gate behind them opened.
"Ricky! Ricky, they're in here!" Sean started to pull away from his sister, but Jamie wouldn't let him. If this was the end, they were going to spend it close, together. She heard Ricky walk up behind her. She refused to turn around. Sean's grip tightened, as he could see the man over her shoulder.
"I love you, sis."
"You too, kid." Jamie said. "You too."
Jamie didn't even hear the gun as Ricky fired.


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Ararelucidness over 10 years ago

The brilliance of six minute story is that all of the back story entirely up to the reader. The tragedy of six minute story is that there are some stories that end far too soon. This definatly ended too soon. Its brilliant.

dnmtwthlsrbm about 11 years ago

No time to fix typos, sadly...

Galen about 11 years ago

Wow. Does. not. need. fixing.

dnmtwthlsrbm about 11 years ago

Thanks :)

Kathleen Gabriel almost 11 years ago


dnmtwthlsrbm over 10 years ago

Thank you :)

Gone Awry almost 11 years ago

I agree with Galen. Does. NOT. need. fixing. So wonderful. NEEDS A SEQUEL!!!!!!

dnmtwthlsrbm almost 11 years ago

Thanks :)

dnmtwthlsrbm (joined about 11 years ago)
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